Meet Our Team

B.J. Hill wants to live in a world where it doesn't matter if you're a square peg or a round hole; where 'round' is a perfectly-acceptable goal for getting 'in shape'; and where unfiltered and messy life is not only welcomed, but celebrated.

Her books—edgy and heartfelt narratives—explore the depths of human connection, the bittersweet taste of life, the redemptive power of love, and the belief that true strength is often found in vulnerability. They are important to her because they offer a space where passion meets purpose, where characters break and mend, and where readers can find solace in the shared experience of resilience and hope.

B.J. is also the innovative founder and CEO of JibblyBitz, a company that embraces the vibrancy and authenticity of storytelling. Through JibblyBitz, she aims to extend that connection, crafting a community where stories uplift, challenge, and transform.

She is the sunshine to her grumpy-ish college sweetheart, mom to the three coolest offspring in the world, and devoted subject to her feline royal majesties, Belle and Lucy. When she's not writing stories about her imaginary friends, you can find her reading, using her outside voice at inopportune moments, or being generally awkward (I mean, awesome. Totally awesome).