Custom Designs

Share Your Stories with JibblyBitz

For our cherished authors, we offer tailored services that ensure your unique storytelling voice is reflected in every piece, building deeper connections with readers, ARC teams, and influencers.

Author-Specific Customization:
Collaborate with us to design JibblyBitz that resonate with your novels, characters, and unique brand, providing readers with tangible tokens of their favorite tales.

Exclusive Bulk Discounts:
Whether it's for a book launch, reader appreciation gifts, or to reward your dedicated ARC and influencer teams, benefit from special rates tailored for bulk orders, ensuring every dedicated fan can cherish a piece of your narrative.

ARC & Influencer Collaborations:
Capture the essence of your stories and characters by providing exclusive JibblyBitz to your ARC reviewers and influencers. This not only deepens the connection with your most ardent supporters but also creates a buzz, as these accessories become coveted items among your readership.

Check out our easy, step-by-step process for custom orders and our fee schedule.

Custom bulk orders can be submitted through this form.