Collection: Holiday 2023 Collection

Step into the holiday spirit with the JibblyBitz Holiday Collection, a curated assortment of button charms and stickers that encapsulate the joy and enchantment of the season. Each charm in the collection is crafted to add a touch of festive cheer to your attire, featuring whimsical designs and heartwarming phrases that celebrate the essence of December's festivities. From the playful "Dear Santa, don't check my Kindle history" to the classic "All I want for Christmas is books," these charms are perfect for book lovers looking to flaunt their holiday spirit. Whether you're cozied up with a good book by the fire or out on a wintery adventure, the JibblyBitz Holiday Collection is here to bring a little extra magic to your seasonal reading. Use these charming accessories to adorn your favorite JibblyBitz-compatible gear, or gift them to the bibliophiles in your life who cherish the holidays as much as a good story.